Unibep wants to erect office building in Ciechanów

Ciechanów District Starost's Office (Mazowieckie Province) has opened bids in a tender procedure concerning construction of the Administrative Center for provincial and district units at 7, 17 Stycznia Street in Ciechanów. The candidates for the contract are: Unibep (47.8 million PLN gross), Budimex (53.4 million PLN), Mirbud (54.5 million PLN), Erbud (61.3 million PLN), Rembud (61.5 million PLN), and MTM Budownictwo (68.4 million PLN). The 5-story building with a usable area of 7,700 sqm and a cubature of 36,500 meters3 is going to be carried out according to a design developed by Biuro Projektowe i Nadzór Budowlany Mgr inż. Marcin Bartoś. The order is to be carried out by mid-2023. Let us recall that, as we reported in PREM 1073, the lowest price in the procedure, concerning supervision over the investment, was offered by NBQ (379,000 PLN). ■


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