KM Rubaszkiewicz designs hotels in midsouthern Poland with over 300 accommodation units

Planned investment

KM Rubaszkiewicz is designing two hotels, planned in the Silesian Beskid (Beskid Śląski) and Sącz Beskid (Beskid Sądecki). A 5-story apart-hotel with net area of 8,000 sqm, with 126 accommodation units, a spa section, a restaurant, and a two-level underground parking garage, is going to be built on the Kubalonka pass (intersection of Głębce and Kasztanowa streets) in Istebna. Meanwhile, a 5-story building with a net area of over 11,200 sqm and a cubature of 42,000 meters3, with 179 rooms, is planned at a health resort, the name of which has not been revealed by the architectural office's representatives (most probably it's about Krynica Zdrój though). ■


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