Erekta offered to carry out administrative building

The Tarnobrzeg Regional Court (SO) has received 13 offers in a tender procedure concerning construction of the new headquarters of the District Court and District Prosecutor's Office at 1 Gisgesa Street in Nisko (Podkarpackie Province). The candidates for the contract are: Erekta Budownictwo Specjalistyczne (39.7 million PLN gross), Budimex (39.8 million PLN), Erbud (40.7 million PLN), Warbud (40.9 million PLN), Adamietz (40.94 million PLN), Karpat-Bud (41.5 million PLN), Strabag (42.8 million PLN), Baudziedzic (43.1 million PLN), Mirbud (44.3 million PLN), PKE Polska/Budintech/Eksplotern (45 million PLN), Porr (45.5 million PLN), Anna-Bud (47.6 million PLN), and Ersbet/Fundamental Group (50.8 million PLN). The task, with the budget established at 45 million PLN, is going to entail the construction of a 3-story building with a cubature of 20,300 meters3 and a total area of 6,500 sqm (net area of 4,800 sqm, usable area of 3,700 sqm). The investment is to take 36 months (3 years). ■


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