Educational complex is going to be built in Gdynia

The authorities of Gdynia are accepting bids with a deposit of 500,000 PLN for the construction of an educational complex with sports fields and infrastructure in the district of Chwarzno-Wiczlino, in the area of Wiczlińska and Filipkowskiego streets. The deadline for submitting bids passes on February 8. A 2-story building housing an 8-classroom preschool with a usable area of 1,400 sqm and a cubature of 7,800 meters3, designated for 200 children, and a 26-classroom school with a sports section for 650 students (7,900 sqm; 49,200 meters3) are going to be built on the basis of documentation prepared by a consortium of Piotr Hardecki Architekt and LWS Architekci. The investment, which is going to cost 25 mln PLN net, is scheduled to be completed by June 30 of next year. ■


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