Strabag commences construction of shopping center with gla of 8,000 sqm in Gniezno for PKB Inwest.


    Strabag is commencing works on the construction of a complex of shopping-service outlets at the intersection of Składowa and Surowieckiego streets in Gniezno (Wielkopolskie Province) for PKB Inwest Budowa. The enterprise, to be carried out on the former property of Polokna factory (1.8 ha), adjoining the "Galeria Piastova" center, is going to entail the construction of a complex of three connected outlets with a total lease area of approx. 8,000 sqm. An external parking lot for over 200 cars is also planned. Design works were carried out in collaboration with architect Katarzyna Pichłacz (Plan-Pro and O2 P Architekci), who collaborates with PKB Inwest. The investment is to be finalized in the 4th quarter of this year. Let us recall that two years ago, Napollo, which manages "Galeria Piastova", announced that the center would undergo modernization and extension by approx. 10,000 sqm.


    Vista will carry out apartment building in Wrocław for Toscom


    Vista Constructions will be the general contractor of an apartment-service building, which Toscom Development is going to build on Bernardyńska Street in Wrocław. The enterprise, designed by Maćków Pracownia Projektowa, is going to entail the construction of a building with a cubature of approx. 44,000 meters3. Administrative permits were obtained by the HCS 2 Company, associated with Toscom. 


    Warimpex commences construction of office building with area of 12,000 sqm in Kraków in collaboration with OP Architekten and Keller


    Warimpex is carrying out the Mogilska 35 Office building on Mogilska Street in Kraków. The enterprise, which we initially mentioned last year in February, is going to entail the construction of a building with a lease area of 12,000 sqm. The design of the investment has been developed by OP Architekten, and ground works are being carried out by Keller. The representatives of Warimpex have informed us that at this stage, there is no general contractor. Let us recall that we have reported in PREM that PORR and OP Architekten had collaborated on the construction of 9-story Mogilska Office building (12,000 sqm).


    BBI will carry out office building "Roma Tower"



    Subsidiaries of BBI Development have signed an investment contract with the Liebrecht&WooD group concerning construction of the "Roma Tower" office building at 51 Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw (near Emilii Plater Street). The agreement concerns the establishing of the "Nowa" purpose-oriented company, to which Liebrecht &WooD is going to bring in a contribution of approx. 207 million PLN. Let us recall that this year in April, we reported that an entity associated with BBI Development and the Warsaw Archdiocese was obtaining construction permits for a complex with an area of approx. 77,000 sqm, where over 60,000 sqm is going to be taken up by office and service space, and over 17,000 sqm by a six-level underground parking garage for 340 vehicles. In 2011, we also reported that Realty 4 Management Projekt Deweloperski 7, a subsidiary of BBI Development, had signed a preliminary agreement concerning the enterprise with the Warsaw Archdiocese, which pledged to bring in a property used by the St. Barbara Roman Catholic Parish. The concept works have been entrusted to Juvenes. 


    Trei RE is preparing expansion of shopping center in Władysławowo by 5,100 sqm


    Trei Real Estate is applying for permits for the expansion of the Vendo Park shopping-service center on Starowiejska Street in Władysławowo (Pomorskie Province). The enterprise is going to entail the construction of three buildings with a total development area of 5,100 sqm, with additional parking lots for 119 vehicles. Let us recall that last year in July, we reported that Trei RE had entrusted JMS with the contracting of buildings with an area of 5,700 sqm in Władysławowo. Preparations for the investment were carried out in collaboration with Arch Gwiazdowski, Bpe – Biuro Projektów Elektrycznych, 4-Invest, and Statikus. ■


    Atelier Tektura is going to design hospital pavilion in Otwock


    Atelier Tektura Barbara Kozielewska has won an architectural contest, issued by the Prof. Adam Gruca Independent Public Clinical Hospital (SPSK) in Otwock (Mazowieckie Province), concerning the concept of a new hospital building on Konarskiego Street. The construction of a building with a net area of approx. 25,000 sqm is planned for up to 180.6 million PLN net (including 55 million PLN for furnishings and equipment). Second place in the procedure was awarded to the consortium of Kalata Architekci and ETH SIA Anna Jach, and third place to Arch-Deco. 


    Prims is preparing construction of hotel-recreation complex with 500 rooms in Świnoujście


    Construction of the 5-star "Apollo Resort" apartment-hotel complex with approx. 500 rooms and apartments is being prepared on Uzdrowiskowa Street in the Dzielnica Nadmorska district of Świnoujście (Zachodniopomorskie Province). Three connected buildings are going to comprise the Dune condo-hotel and two apartment buildings, Sand and Wave. The first stage of the enterprise, the investor of which is Prims, is going to entail putting to use, in December 2023, a 7-story building with 194 apartments and a spa & wellness zone, with a swimming pool, a conference room, a restaurant, and a sky bar. Administrative permits for the construction of the two remaining hotels were obtained by Śląska Grupa Inwestycyjna and Hotel Atol. The architectural design of the complex has been developed by architect Zbigniew Paszkowski from the Szczecin based workshop Urbicon, and commercialization is being handled by Assethome.


    Eiffage is going to build hotel-rehabilitation complex in Kraków


    Eiffage Polska Budownictwo has been chosen as the general contractor of the "Rezydencja Zofia" hotel-rehabilitation complex, which Orpea Polska is planning to build on 81 Wrocławska Street in Kraków. The enterprise, which we initially mentioned this year in January, is going to entail the construction of a complex with 117 rooms, nursing and care facilities, and multi-functional premises (restaurant with a family meeting place, day-care treatment rooms, rehabilitation rooms, library, chapel). The complex will also include an underground parking garage. 


    TUF RE will build retail park with gla of 11,000 sqm in Baranów n. Kępno according to design by Pejot Studio


    TUF Real Estate has secured a property, located in Baranów, on the border with Kępno (Wielkopolskie Province). The investment, planned along National Road No. 11 (DK 11), is going to entail the construction of the "Pasaż Kępiński" retail park with a lease area of approx. 11,000 sqm, whose grocery store operator is going to be the Lidl chain (approx. 2,000 sqm). The complex is scheduled to open in 2023. The architectural design is going to be developed by Pejot Studio, and the general contractor has not been chosen yet.
    Let us recall that, as we reported e.g. in 2017, Real2B was planning the Quick Park shopping center with an area of 14,000 sqm in Baranów, The design of the investment was developed by Mofo Architekci. This year in March, we also wrote that Lech-Pol Invest was planning to build the "City Mall Kępno" complex with GLA of 13,000 sqm in the area of Przemysłowa Street in Mianowice near Kępno. Design guidelines have been developed by Biuro Architektoniczne MFA.


    ARP is going to build office complex with area of 11,000 sqm in Włocławek


    Operator ARP is conducting preparations for the construction of the Tertio Ponte office complex in the area of Broniewskiego and Kruszyńska streets in Włocławek (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province). The enterprise is going to entail the construction of a complex with a total area of approx. 11,000 sqm, where 5,000 sqm will be taken up by A-class office space. The design is being developed by PAS Projekt. Last year in October, we reported that the Industrial Development Agency (ARP – Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu) had signed a letter of intent with the city authorities concerning construction of an office center as part of the Fabryka (Factory) program. We have also written in PREM about Operator ARP conducting works as part of the Factory Program, including construction of office buildings: Urbi Ferro in Stalowa Wola and Porta Mare in Elbląg. 


    Atelier 7 designed hotel complex with cubature of 13,000 meters3 in Jarosławiec for Baltic Cliff.


    Baltic Cliff has applied for a construction permit for a hotel-recreation complex on Nadmorska Street in Jarosławiec (Zachodniopomorskie Province). The plans concern the construction of two buildings with a total cubature of 12,900 meters3. The design of the investment has been developed by architect Marcin Gnich from the Warsaw based office Atelier 7 Architektura.


    Skanska commenced construction of 2nd stage of office complex


    Skanska, as the investor and general contractor, has commenced construction of the 2nd stage of the "Centrum Południe" office complex in the area of Gwiaździsta and Powstańców Śląskich streets in Wrocław. The enterprise, which is to be finalized by the 4th quarter of 2022, is going to entail the construction of a building with GLA of 21,500 sqm, with an additional underground parking garage for 200 vehicles. Design of the investment has been developed by APA Wojciechowski. Let us recall that last year in April, we reported that a subsidiary of Skanska Commercial Development applied for a construction permit for the CP5 office building as part of the "Centrum Południe" project. Meanwhile, in July 2018, we wrote that works began on the 1st stage (two buildings with an area of 26,000 sqm) of a complex with a total area of 85,000 sqm. Skanska Property Poland (SPP) purchased a lot (2.2 ha) on 41-75 Powstańców Śląskich Street, owned by GP Investment from Grupo Prasa. ■


    Acteeum is preparing with NC Architekci construction of shopping center with area of 30,000 sqm in Ostróda


    On July 12, ACE 10, a subsidiary of Acteeum Central Europe, received a positive environmental constraints decision for the construction of a shopping-service center in Górka near Ostróda (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province), by the Ostróda Południe (Ostróda South) junction at the intersection of the S5 and S7 expressways, near Grunwaldzka Street. The project is to entail the construction in stages, on 8.7 ha of land, of a complex with a usable area of 30,000 sqm, including a retail park, grocery and construction superstores, a drive-thru fast food restaurant, and a catering and service zone. The complex will also include a parking lot for 750 cars. Architect Grzegorz Czuchra from NC Architekci is collaborating with the investor during preparations. The two entities have collaborated on establishing shopping centers in Andrychów, Chełm, and Stalowa Wola. Let us recall that in PREM 1063, we reported on preparations for the construction of the Ostróda Power Center complex, and in 1085, we wrote about the plans for joint financing of construction of shopping centers by Acteeum and Forum Euro Nieruchomości.


    St@rtap Wisła is going to build four-star hotel


    St@rtap Wisła, a subsidiary of Grupa REB, has obtained a construction permit for a hotel-recreation complex on Gimnazjalna Street in Wisła (Śląskie Province). The enterprise is going to entail the construction of a building with a cubature of over 70,000 meters3 (area of approx. 17,000 sqm), with 232 four-star rooms, and recreation-sports facilities. The complex will also include an underground parking garage for 140 vehicles. The design has been developed in collaboration with AGK Architekci. 


    Rambud will build shopping center with cubature of 23,000 meters3 in Gdańsk for RWS


    Rambud is the general contractor of a shopping-service center, which RWS Investment Group is going to build in the area of Burzyńskiego, Rzeczypospolitej and Jana Pawła II streets in Gdańsk-Zaspa. The enterprise, which we initially mentioned last year in February, is going to entail the construction, by the 2nd quarter of 2022, of a complex with a cubature of 23,000 meters3, with six units with areas of 200-1,200 sqm. Let us recall that the design works were carried out in collaboration with Stalprojekt. ■

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