Udi Tau will construct, according to APA Kuryłowicz's design, a residential complex in Warsaw with usable area of 80,000 sqm

Planned investment

UDI TAU is planning construction of the Ursus Classic residential complex on post-industrial land in the area of Dyrekcyjna Street in Warsaw-Ursus. The enterprise, designed by Kuryłowicz&Associates, is going to entail the construction of seven 7-8-story buildings with a total usable area of 80,200 sqm (statistically, over 1,500 flats). According to court registry, the shareholders of UDI TAU are CWI Lambda A.S. and Krzysztof Pluta (Jakubowski Pluta i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych). In PREM 1004, we informed about obtaining administrative permits for the 1st stage of the enterprise. ■


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