PBOiUT Śląsk and MTM Budownictwo want to expand by 5.500 sqm, for 23 million PLN, a school in Warsaw-Bemowo

Planned investment

The authorities of the Bemowo district of Warsaw announced that the consortium of PBOiUT Śląsk and MTM Budownictwo companies has offered the lowest price (23.3 million PLN, against the planned budget of 35.4 million PLN) in a tender procedure concerning the design and contracting for extension of Primary School No. 341 on Oławska Street. A 3-story section with a net area of 5,500 sqm and a cubature of 19,500 meters3, including 16 classrooms, 8 common rooms and 4 kindergarten groups, is going to be carried out on the basis of a concept which is being prepared by Woźnicki, Zdanowicz Architekci. The order is to be carried out over a period of 530 days (approx. 1.5 years). The other bidders were: Ekoenergia (28.6 million PLN), Kartel (29 million PLN), Skanska (29.7 million PLN), Mota-Engil (34.4 million PLN) and Mirbud (39.8 million PLN). ■


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