Prime was commissioned to build shopping center

Prime Construction has won a tender procedure, concerning the "design and build" construction of a shopping-service center, which Grycan is planning in Świnoujście (Zachodniopomorskie Province) on Wojska Polskiego Street (we reported on the procedure in November of last year). The contract concerns buildings with a total area of approx. 7,700 sqm, including a retail park, a Castorama superstore, and a Shell fuel station. Let us recall that the architectural guidelines have been developed by Tues, and PB Milpro Mariusz Mielczarek (Biedronka) and Marzena Sekulska (Semren & Mansson) collaborated on the enterprise. The substitute investor is NBQ. Last year in October, we reported that Zbigniew Grycan, in collaboration with Demitel, Dekert, MBI Biuro Inżynierskie, Konstrukcyjna Pracownia Projektowa Łuczak, and Biuro B.T. Tomaszewska, was conducting administrative preparations for the investment. The developer applied for construction permits for a complex with a total cubature of over 130,000 meters3. Meanwhile, in November 2017, we wrote that Grycan, with the price of 17.3 million PLN, won a municipal tender procedure, concerning the purchase of a 3.9-ha property, located a few dozen meters from the Poland-Germany border crossing. ■


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