Prime Construction is going to build IKEA shopping center with total area of app. 47,000 sqm in Szczecin

Planned investment

Prime Construction has been chosen as the general contractor of the IKEA shopping-service center, which will be built on a 7.3-ha lot in the area of Mieszka I and Białowieska streets in Szczecin (Zachodniopomorskie Province). Demolition works and ground works were carried out by Tomimpex.
The enterprise, being conducted by IKEA Retail, is going to entail the construction of a center with a total area of nearly 47,200 sqm by the first half of next year. As we reported in PREM, Koszalin based workshop AOS took part in the design works, and administrative permits were obtained by NCT I, a company from the Nalepa Capital Trust group. Architect Ewelina Bożacka from the Archice workshop also collaborated on preparations for the investment. ■


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