MW Group plans retail parks with gla of 9,000 in Łódź, Kraśnik and Strzelce Opolskie

Planned investment

MW Group Polska has applied for permission for the construction of a shopping center at 38 Brzezińska Street in Łódź. The enterprise is going to consist of developing a property with an area of 1.2 hectare with two outlets with a total sales area of 4,100 sqm and a cubature of 25,400 meters3. The tenants of the complex, designed by architect Elwira Woźniak from the Sigma workshop, are going to include Biedronka, Rossman, Pepco and Kakadu. The investor is also preparing the construction of a retail park on Komunalna Street in Kraśnik, where a complex with an area of 3,100 sqm is going to be built on a 0.6-hectare lot. Meanwhile, a pavilion housing Rossman, Euro-AGD, Kakadu and Action stores (1,800 sqm) is going to be built in Strzelce Opolskie (Opolskie Province). ■


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