Musing Bud is building hotel in Międzywodzie

In mid-2020, Musing Bud is planning to open Juvena hotel on Leśna Street in Międzywodzie on Wolin Island (Zachodniopomorskie Province). The enterprise is going to entail the construction of a hotel with 108 rooms, spa facilities (800 sqm), and restaurant and banquet facilities. The design of the investment has been prepared by JK Architekci.
In September 2017, we reported that Kozik Investment, a company with ties to Musing Bud, had applied for a construction permit for a hotel in the seaside area in Międzywodzie. The hotel with a usable area of 5,000 sqm and a cubature of 32,300 meters3 was planned on the basis of documentation prepared by Maciej Panek from the IDS Architekci workshop from Szczecin. ■


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