Max-Bud offered to build teaching facility in Chełm

Max-Bud G. Pawłowski has offered the lowest price (35.7 million PLN gross, against the budget of 32 million PLN) in a tender procedure, conducted by the PWSZ State School of Higher Education, concerning the design and construction of a teaching building for the Institute of Medical Sciences (INM) on Batorego Street in Chełm (Lubelskie Province). The building with a total area of 6,900 sqm and a cubature of 32,000 meters3 is to be completed by the end of October 2022. The other candidates for the contract are: Erbud (36.5 million PLN), Edach (41.2 million PLN), Warbud (41.7 million PLN), Texom (46.5 million PLN), Strabag (48.5 million PLN), and Antro (49.8 million PLN). ■


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