Kajima is building first stage of Umicore complex

Kajima Poland is carrying out works on the construction of the first stage of the Umicore production complex which is being built in Radzikowice and Goświnowice near Nysa (Opolskie Province). The enterprise is going to consist of the construction of outlets with a total area of approx. 67,000 sqm on 72 ha. We have informed in PREM about the collaboration on the investment by Metroplan and Szporna Biuro Projektów, DHV Hydroprojekt, MM-Projekt Projektowanie i Konsulting w Inżynierii Lądowej and Repostor. The cost of the opening of the factory, which is going to produce components for electric batteries, is estimated at approx. 1.4 billion PLN. ■


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