JMS is erecting for WFI Genesis a shopping mall with gla of 4,600 sqm in Łódź

Wizualizacja inwestycji

The JMS Company from Toruń is the general contractor of works on the construction of a retail park at the intersection of Rzgowska and Warneńczyka streets in Łódź, on the premises of the former Fakora Company. The enterprise, whose investor is WFI (Wielkopolski Fundusz Inwestycyjny) Genesis, is going to consist of the development of a property with an area of 1.5 hectare, where a shopping passage with a chain outlet and a gastronomy section is going to be built. Documentation of the complex with an area of approx. 4,600 sqm was prepared by architect Sławomir Kinalski, the co-owner of the workshop Inwestprojekt P-1. ■


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