Techmar is keeping supervision for City Interhotels over construction of a hotel in Białystok with over 100 rooms

Planned investment

Techmar is conducting comprehensive supervision over the construction of a hotel in the area of Marczukowska and Hetmańska streets in Białystok. The enterprise - conducted by City Interhotels, a company associated with Mep-Pol, which opened a five-star Royal Hotel & Spa complex in Białystok - is going to entail the construction of a 5-story building with a usable area of 4,000 sqm and a cubature of 17,900 meters3, with 104 rooms for over 200 guests in total. The construction works are being carried out by Bogusław Sujeta, and architect Dariusz Łuniewski from the Autoris workshop is responsible for the design. ■


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