Arkona will design National Archive office building with area of 2,600 sqm in Nowy Sącz for 1 million PLN

Planned investment

The National Archive in Kraków has chosen the offer submitted by Pracownia Konserwacji Zabytków Arkona, with a price of 1 million PLN, for the development of a design for the National Archive headquarters on 29 Listopada Street in Nowy Sącz (Małopolskie Province). The enterprise, the concept of which has been prepared by Studio Architektoniczne Wojciech Kozub, is going to entail the construction of a 2-story building with a net area of 2,600 sqm and a cubature of 15,900 meters3, able to store 10,000 linear meters of archives. The order is to be carried out by November 15 of this year. As we previously reported, Architekt Kaczmarczyk workshop offered a lower price, but their offer has been rejected. ■


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