SRM is going to build hotel complex in Solec-Zdrój


    At the end of last year, Silver Resorts Management obtained permission for the construction of a hotel-sanatorium complex near Leśna Street in Solec-Zdrój (Świętokrzyskie Province). The enterprise is going to entail the construction of a hotel with a cubature of nearly 65,000 meters3 and, eventually a complex with an area of 13,000 sqm (including large spa facilities and condo-type apartments). Konrad Rubaszkiewicz (KM Rubaszkiewicz) and Adam Walczak (AGK Architekci) are among the architects responsible for designing the complex.



    Genesis Property is going to build shopping center with area of 3,500 sqm in Łódź


    Genesis Property (formerly Wielkopolski Investment Fund Genesis) is conducting preparations for developing a property on Ciasna Street in Łódź. The enterprise is going to consist of the construction of a retail-service pavilion with a sales area of 2,100 sqm and a grocery store (1,400 sqm). Construction works are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2020. ■


    Strabag is going to carry out "Central Point" office building with lease area of over 19,000 sqm in Warsaw


    Immobel Poland has entrusted Strabag with the general contracting of the "Central Point" office building (formerly CBD One) at the intersection of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska streets in Warsaw. The enterprise, which is to be put to use in the first half of 2021, is going to entail the construction of a building with a lease area of 19,300 sqm, designed by the Kazimierski i Ryba workshop and Arquitectonica from Paris. A contract for the construction of diaphragm walls has been entrusted to Warbud. 


    Inpro is beginning construction of office complex with usable area of 12,000 sqm in Gdańsk


    The Inpro Construction Corporation is conducting preparatory works for the construction of an office complex in the district of Zaspa, at the junction of Jana Pawła II and Rzeczypospolitej streets, next to the City Park housing complex. Design of two 8-story buildings with a total usable area of 12,000 sqm was prepared by architect Antoni Taraszkiewicz from Fort Taraszkiewicz Architekci. The investment is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. ■


    BDM Architekci has won contest for design of GUM complex with area of 36,600 sqm in Kielce


    BDM Architekci has won the architectural contest organized by GUM (Central Office of Measures) for preparing the concept of the Świętokrzyskie Laboratory Campus in Kielce. Plans pertain to the development of a property with an area of 11 ha on the slope of Góra Hałasa Hill, at the junction of Wrzosowa and Jerzego Popiełuszki streets in Kielce. A research-office complex with a usable area of 36,600 sqm is going to be built there. The schedule assumes the putting to use of the center by 2023. 


    Medard is going to build apart-hotel complex with app. 600 flats in Szczecin


    Medard Group is conducting preparations construction of an apart-hotel complex in the area of Unii Lubelskiej Street in Szczecin-Pogodno. The enterprise is going to entail the construction of a complex for students  with a total area of over 20,000 sqm (usable 12,600 sqm), with app. 600 rooms. Architectural guidelines have been prepared by Dedeco.
    Medard is also planning similar investments in Sopot and Poznań and e.g. in Warsaw (approx. 300 beds) and Łódź, the details of which are not being revealed at this stage.


    Consortium of SBS/3TI wins contest for designing Music Center in Kraków


    The consortium of SBS Engineering Group/3TI Progetti Italia Ingegnaria Integrata SPA has won a contest, issued by the Małopolskie Province's Marshal's Office, concerning the development of a concept of the Music Center on Skrzatów Street in Kraków. Let us recall that the investment, for which 179 million PLN gross have been assigned, is going to entail the construction of a complex with a usable area of 28,000 sqm. It is going to include three concert halls with seats for 1,400, 800 and 300 spectators, respectively.


    Monting is carrying out construction of Spinnaker office building with area of 55,000 sqm in Warsaw for Ghelamco


    Monting company is carrying out construction works, insulation works, and assembly of prefabricated parts during the construction of Spinnaker office complex at Daszyńskiego Roundabout in Warsaw, in the area of Towarowa, Prosta and Pańska streets, for Ghelamco Poland. The building is going to have 55,000 sqm of office space and 490 parking spaces. Let us recall that in November 2015 we informed about Polsko-Belgijska Pracownia Architektury "Projekt" workshop collaborating on the designing of the investment. The concept was also prepared by M&J – M. Jaspers-J. Eyers & Partners.


    Metropolitan is going to build shopping in Zgorzelec


    Technika Projekt, in cooperation with architects from Metropolitan Investment, has prepared the concept of the "Metro Park" shopping center in Zgorzelec (Dolnośląskie Province). In November of last year, we informed that Projekt Gostyń (a dependent company of Metropolitan Investment) had won the municipal tender procedure for the purchase of a 1.4-ha property located in the area of Traugutta and Tuwima streets. The developer has announced the construction of an outlet with a lease area of 3,100 sqm. Disassembly works are going to begin soon on the lot designated for the investment. 


    Cavatina is going to build multi-functional complex in Katowice


    The Cavatina company has purchased the right of perpetual use of a property with an area of approx. 1.5 ha in the area of Mickiewicza, Sobieskiego, Dąbrówki and Zabrska streets in Katowice. The property is going to be used for the construction of a multi-functional complex with an area of approx. 90,000 sqm. The project, prepared by Cavatina's internal architects, assumes the construction of four buildings, where approx. 63,000 sqm is going to be taken up by offices, approx. 30,000 sqm by apartments (760 units) and over 7,000 sqm by retail and services. There will also be approx. 2,100 parking spaces.


    M&J is going to build Ibis Styles hotel with 65 rooms in Bolesławiec according to documentation by Tremend


    Żary based company M&J is going to be the general contractor of an Ibis Styles hotel at ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki Square in Bolesławiec (Dolnośląskie Province). The enterprise, designed by Tremend, is going to entail the construction of a hotel with 65 rooms (with the option to extend it up to 90 rooms), and conference, restaurant and recreation sections. The hotel is going to be incorporated into Orbis Group / AccorHotels. The investment's developer is Ibis Bolesławiec, a company with ties e.g. to the local enterprise Techbol.


    Granaria is going to carry out 2nd stage of multi-functional complex in Gdańsk


    Granaria Development Gdańsk has entrusted Mąka Sojka Architekci with the design of the second (final) stage of a multi-functional complex on Spichrzów Island in Gdańsk, in the area of Stągiewna and Chmielna streets. This stage of the enterprise is going to entail the construction of approx. 500 flats, a hotel, office space, a retail-service section and approx. 700 parking spaces. The works should commence in early 2019 and are going to take until October 2022.


    Napollo to build N-Park shopping center with gla of 4,200 sqm in Jelcz-Laskowice


    Napollo company is going to open the N-Park shopping center in the area of Młodych Avenue and Chabrowa Street in Jelcz-Laskowice (Dolnośląskie Province) by 2020. The investment is going to consist of the construction of an outlet with a lease area of 4,200 sqm, with 10 stores and service points (including a grocery store, an electronics store, clothing and footwear stores and a drugstore) and a parking lot for 185 vehicles.

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