Devco is planning construction of "Nowa Strzegomska" office center with usable area of 50,000 sqm in Wrocław.


    Devco is soon going to begin construction of the "Nowa Strzegomska" office center on Strzegomska Street in Wrocław. The 1st stage, which is to be finalized by 2023, is going to entail construction of two connected 7-story buildings with a total gla of over 20,000 sqm. The design of the enterprise has been prepared by Małgorzata Mazurczak-Nowak from the UltraCad architectural workshop. The entire investment is going to entail demolition of the existing complex at the Wrocław Business Park and construction of six new buildings, which will offer app. 50,000 sqm in total.


    Ceetrus is preparing construction of shopping gallery in Warsaw-Wilanów


    Ceetrus, a company from Auchan Group, is conducting preparations for the construction of a shopping-service gallery at the intersection of Przyczółkowa and Branickiego streets in Warsaw-Wilanów. Concept guidelines of the enterprise have been prepared by MTDI Group (formerly Bose International Planning and Architecture). The guidelines concern construction of a complex with an area of 30,000 sqm within a period of two years of establishing a spatial development plan, allowing for an investment of this type. 


    FHU Stopiak is going to build shopping-service center with lease area of 18,500 sqm in Nowy Targ


    FHU Stopiak is conducting preparations for the construction of the "Stopiak Retail Park" shopping-service complex on Ludźmierska Street in Nowy Targ (Małopolskie Province). The investment is going to be carried out on the basis of the existing shopping center with a GLA of 18,500 sqm. Works are scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2021. Nuvalu Polska is dealing with commercialization. Let us recall that in October of this year, we informed about preparations being carried out by PHU Stopiak for obtaining permission for locating a retail-service outlet with a cubature of approx. 20,000 meters3 on Ludźmierska Street.


    Remax and Defore are going to carry out works on construction of KTW II office building


    Remax Construct (construction of aboveground section) and Defor (facade) have been chosen by TDJ Estate as contractors of works on the construction of the KTW II office building at 1 Roździeńskiego Avenue in Katowice. Let us recall that the enterprise is going to consist of the construction of an outlet with an area of 42,000 sqm. Gleeds Polska is dealing with the comprehensive coordination and supervision of Gleeds Polska. The first stage of the enterprise, pertaining to a building with an area of approx. 19,800 sqm with a garage section, was carried out by Strabag and supervised by Tebodin Poland from the Bilfinger group. Medusa Group prepared the project of the complex. 


    Atal will erect office building in Kraków according to design by APA Kuryłowicz


    Atal has commenced construction of an office-service building at 81 Pokoju Avenue in Kraków. The enterprise is going to entail the construction of a 5-story building with a lease area of 8,000 sqm. The investment, the design of which has been prepared by Kuryłowicz & Associates, is to be put to use in the 1st quarter of 2021.



    Triton is going to build dormitory with over 730 rooms


    The Menard company has commenced the first preparatory works for the construction of the Basecamp student dormitory at 29 Krasińskiego Street in Katowice for ST Krasiński, a company with ties to Triton Academicus. The enterprise is going to consist of the construction of a complex of outlets with 733 rooms and a cubature of over 122,000 meters3. The services of, among others, Emkaa Architekci (Mariusz Krupa) and AKMD (Dominik Laskus) were used when the investment was being designed. Dekra Polska is supervising the construction works.


    Budrem prepares with MTDI construction of Multibox Browar center with gla of 15,000 sqm in Ostrów Wlkp.


    Budrem is preparing construction of the Multibox Browar shopping center at the intersection of Raszkowska Street and Słowackiego Avenue in Ostrów Wielkopolski. The complex with a lease area of app. 15,000 sqm, with 30 stores and a parking lot for 330 vehicles, is going to be carried out on the basis of a former brewery. The enterprise is scheduled to be finalized in the 1st half of 2021. Architectural guidelines are being developed by MTDI Group (formerly Bose International Planning and Architecture) and commercialization of the space is being supervised by Mallson Polska.
    Let us recall that in May 2008, we reported that Budrem had been planning to open a multi-functional shopping-service complex on Raszkowska Street, the cost of which was estimated at approx. 350 million PLN. A preliminary architectural concept was prepared by Studio ADS. Budrem has already built a Multibox retail park with an area of 1,800 sqm on Ofierskiego Street in Ostrów Wielkopolski.


    Tarcon is building Tarnwell production complex in Tarnów


    Tarcon obtained permission for the construction of a production complex for the Tarnwell company on Wody Street in Tarnów (Małopolskie Province). The enterprise is going to consist of the construction of a production hall with a warehouse section and an office-social outlet with an area of approx. 12,000 sqm.  Project works were carried out by, among others, Paweł Rygiel (Novak-Byrski SA). The company received permission for the investment in a sub-zone of the Krakow Park of Technology, establishing its value as approx. 33 mln PLN. 


    Fabet will carry out shell structure of office complex with area of 78,000 sqm in Warsaw for HB Reavis


    Fabet Konstrukcje will carry out the shell structure of an office complex at 14 Burakowska Street in Warsaw for HB Reavis. Let us recall that in September of last year, we reported that Stump Hydrobudowa had been entrusted with the construction of diaphragm walls. HB Reavis is planning to put to use a complex with a gla of 78,000 sqm as part of the "Forest" project. The design of the investment has been prepared by HRA Architekci.


    Metropolitan Invest will build, in cooperation with IKA, retail park with gla of 3,000 sqm in Mysłowice


    An investor associated with the Wadowice based company Metropolitan Invest is commencing the construction of two shopping-service outlets on Ziętka Street in Mysłowice (Śląskie Province). The enterprise is going to entail the construction of the "Brzęczki Park" complex with a cubature of over 17,000 meters3 and gla above 3,000 sqm. Design works have been carried out in collaboration with Łukasz Jankiewicz (PP 3013). Tenants of the complex will include Biedronka and Rossmann. The general contractor of the investment will be IKA Jarosław Wójcik company.


    Strabag to erect "Galeria Wiślanka" in Żory


    Błysk Investment Group, a company from Jastrzębie, has informed about choosing Strabag as the general contractor of "Galeria Wiślanka" in Żory (Śląskie Province), in the area of Pszczyńska, Nad Rudą and Katowicka streets. The enterprise, whose contract engineer is Dekra, is going to consist of the construction of a complex with a lease area of approx. 20,000 sqm.


    Trei purchases 3.7 ha of land in Kutno and Kobyłka for construction of Vendo retail parks with gla of 8,400 sqm


    Trei Real Estate announced that they have recently purchased two lots for the construction of Vendo Park retail parks. The 2.8-ha lot on Oporowska Street in Kutno (Łódzkie Province) will be used for the construction of a complex with a lease area of 5,200 sqm, with 8 stores. It is scheduled to be built in 2020.
    Meanwhile, the 0.85-ha property on Napoleona Street in Kobyłka near Warsaw, next to the Lidl supermarket, is to be used for the construction of a complex of six stores with a total area of 3,200 sqm. The tender concerning the general contractor is currently in progress. The investment near Warsaw is to be put to use at the end of this year.


    AWZ Deweloper is going to build multi-functional according to project by BBGK in Bydgoszcz


    BBGK Architekci has prepared the development assumptions for a property with an area of approx. 2 ha, located in Bydgoszcz, in the area of Focha, Marcinkowskiego, Obrońców Bydgoszczy i Warmińskiego streets. The order was placed by AWZ Deweloper. The enterprise, which we first signaled in October of last year, is going to consist of the construction of a complex of outlets with 628 apartment units with a usable area of 33,500 sqm, an office-service section (8,700 sqm) and parking facilities for 731 vehicles. 


    Union Investment in collaboration with Infine is going to rebuild shopping center in Łódź


    Infine is the general contractor for the reconstruction, to be carried out on the basis of a design by the Sud Architekt Polska workshop, of the "Manufaktura" shopping complex in the area of Drewnowska, Ogrodowa and Zachodnia streets in Łódź. The enterprise, prepared by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, is going to consist of works worth approx. 90 mln PLN, to be carried out within a period of 17 months. The investment is going to consist of increasing the area of the retail space by approx. 1,000 sqm, the replacement of the lighting system (with the participation of SKR Light), replacement of air-conditioning and the renovation of service-gastronomy zones.


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