Capital Park will invest over 2 billion PLN in Katowice


    In 2023, Eko-Bryza, Investeko and Capital Park are planning to begin the 1st stage of the "Nowy Wełnowiec" multi-functional complex in the area of Konduktorska Street in Katowice. The enterprise will be carried out on a property with an area of 25 ha, which will be used for the construction of a complex of buildings with above-ground usable area of approx. 270,000 sqm, including 3,200 flats and rooms in hotels and dormitories, while the rest of the space will be taken up by educational, cultural, recreation functions (17%), restaurants and services (15%), and offices (11%). The complex will also include over 5,500 parking spaces in underground parking garages. The architectural partner of the investment, the cost of which has been estimated at 2.1 billion PLN, is JEMS Architekci. 


    Iliard is supervising construction of Hampton by Hilton hotel with 173 rooms in Balice


    Iliard Architecture & Project Management is the main coordinator and has developed an architectural- and interior design for the Hampton by Hilton hotel in the vicinity of the Kraków-Balice airport, in the area of Medweckiego and Przemysłowa streets. Construction works are going to be carried out by CFE Polska for Vanezza Company, which is applying for a construction permit for a building with an area of approx. 7,800 sqm, with 173 rooms and a catering section. Detailed design documentation of the investment has been prepared by Susuł&Strama Architekci. The investor is the Lithuanian fund I Asset Management.


    DL Invest Group is going to build office complex in Gliwice


    DL Invest Group is preparing construction of an office complex in Gliwice, on a part of the lot previously owned by Focus Park Gliwice. The property with an area of 7,700 ha, located between Jagiellońska and Piwna streets and the railway line, was put to sale at the end of last year by the assignee in bankruptcy. The concept, prepared by Ostrowski Architekci, concerns construction of the following office buildings: "A1" (5 stories, 12,300 sqm), "A2" (4 stories, 4,200 sqm), and "B" (2 stories, total area of 2,500 sqm). 



    Jakon cooperates on construction of SK Innovation complex with area of 270 tys. m² in Dąbrowa Górnicza


    Jakon is carrying out construction, finishing, road and network works on the construction of the SK Innovation complex in Dąbrowa Górnicza (Śląskie Province), in the district of Tucznawa, in the area of Królewska, Ceramiczna and Inwestycyjna streets. In April we informed about the participation of Hochtief in the investment. The enterprise, conducted by SK Hi-Tech Battery Materials Poland, is going to consist of the construction of outlets with a total area of app. 270,000 sqm. Yoon Group, Bimaco, GTPRO and others collaborated on the investment. 335 mln euro (approx. 1.5 billion PLN) is going to be spent on the opening of a factory producing battery separators used in electric automobiles.



    Torus purchases land for construction of office complex in Gdańsk


    Euro Styl has sold a part of the property in the Młode Miasto district of Gdańsk to Torus. The two companies are going to build the Doki Office complex in the area of the new Kadłubowców Street, near the European Solidarity Center (ECS). The enterprise, designed by APA Wojciechowski, is going to entail construction of two buildings with a total area of 37,000 sqm. They are scheduled to be put to use at the turn of 2022 and 2023. Subsequent stages of the investment concern construction of approx. 1,100 flats.


    STB Koncept will build Vendo Park shopping center with gla of 3,000 sqm for Trei in Solec Kujawski


    STB Koncept is the general contractor of works on the construction of the Vendo Park shopping center in the area of Ugory and Leśna streets in Solec Kujawski (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province). The investment, whose developer is Trei Real Estate, is going to consist of the construction of a complex with a lease area of approx. 3,100 sqm, with 6 outlets of the following chains" Martes Sport, KIK, Hebe, Euro AGD, Sinsay and Piekarnia Grochola. Construction works began in February and are going to take through August. As we informed, the design of the complex was created by the Domino workshop from Toruń.


    BC Sopot is going to open hotel complex with approx. 500 rooms 


    BC Sopot, company whose shareholders are Trefl and BaseCamp, is planning to develop a property located on 22, 1 Maja Street in Sopot (Pomorskie Province). The property with an area of approx. 2 ha is going to be used for the construction of the BaseCamp chain student hotel with approx. 500 rooms. Design works are currently in progress, and construction works are scheduled to commence this year. Conceptual framework of the complex (27,000 sqm) has been prepared by Arch-Deco.


    GPI Stefański has prepared concept of shopping-service center with area of 12,000 sqm in Częstochowa


    GPI Sebastian Stefański has prepared the concept of the modernization and expansion of the Merkury department store on Najświętszej Maryi Panny Avenue in Częstochowa (Śląskie Province) for a local investor. Plans assume the construction of a complex with a usable area of 12,200 sqm, consisting of a 4-story sales outlet and a 10-story hotel with residential functions. The owner of the property designated for sale is Polimeni International Częstochowa, which in February applied for a conditions of development decision for the plot.


    Strabag is going to build "Intraco Prime" office building in Warsaw



    PHN has entrusted Strabag with the general contracting of the "Intraco Prime" office building (initially called "Intraco City A"), planned near the existing Intraco outlet on Stawki Street, near Andersa Street, in Warsaw. A building with a height of 8 stories, with 3 additional underground stories and a lease area of 12,000 sqm, is going to be built on the current parking lot. The investment, according to documentation prepared by Juvenes Projekt/Intec Projekt, is going to take two years. 


    AS Invest will build in collaboration with FAAR "Nowa Druciarnia" complex with area of 37,000 sqm in Wadowice


    AS Invest and Wadowia are conducting preparations for the revitalization of postindustrial properties of the former Bumar plant in the area of Piłsudskiego, Kochanowskiego and Fabryczna streets in Wadowice (Małopolskie Province). The enterprise is going to consist of the construction of the "Nowa Druciarnia" retail-service complex with a usable area of 37,000 sqm. The architectural assumptions are being prepared by FAAR Architekci. Attempts to change the local spatial development plan are currently in progress. An outlet with an area of approx. 8,000 sqm was initially to have been built. Kaufland was supposed to be one of the operators, and a McDonald's restaurant was also supposed to be located there. The concept was prepared by the Archoma workshop from Katowice.


    Acteeum is going to build shopping mall with gla of 17,500 sqm in Siemianowice Śląskie


    Acteeum Group is conducting preparations for the construction of a shopping-service center in Siemianowice Śląskie (Śląskie Province). The enterprise is going to consist of the construction of a complex known under the working name of "Galeria Siemianowicka," with a lease area of approx. 17,500 sqm. The detailed location of the project is not known.
    Let us recall that in April 2017, we informed about the purchase by ECDDP Investment from Nexus Group of a property of the former Jedność Ironworks with an area of approx. 16 hectares, located in the area of Sienkiewicza, Głowackiego, Piastowska, Katowicka and Stara Katowicka streets. The investor has declared the construction of a shopping-service gallery and a housing complex.


    Carrefour is going to expand shopping center in Sochaczew


    In January, Carrefour Polska is planning to announce a tender procedure for the general contracting of the "Sonata Park" shopping center on Warszawska Street in Sochaczew. The investment, which we wrote about in July 2018, is going to consist of expanding the complex by 4,300 sqm. Design works were carried out by the Fibat workshop, which has also prepared the documentation of the first stage of the investment (approx. 6,000 sqm). Let us recall that Mirbud was the general contractor.


    Devco is planning construction of "Nowa Strzegomska" office center with usable area of 50,000 sqm in Wrocław.


    Devco is soon going to begin construction of the "Nowa Strzegomska" office center on Strzegomska Street in Wrocław. The 1st stage, which is to be finalized by 2023, is going to entail construction of two connected 7-story buildings with a total gla of over 20,000 sqm. The design of the enterprise has been prepared by Małgorzata Mazurczak-Nowak from the UltraCad architectural workshop. The entire investment is going to entail demolition of the existing complex at the Wrocław Business Park and construction of six new buildings, which will offer app. 50,000 sqm in total.


    Ceetrus is preparing construction of shopping gallery in Warsaw-Wilanów


    Ceetrus, a company from Auchan Group, is conducting preparations for the construction of a shopping-service gallery at the intersection of Przyczółkowa and Branickiego streets in Warsaw-Wilanów. Concept guidelines of the enterprise have been prepared by MTDI Group (formerly Bose International Planning and Architecture). The guidelines concern construction of a complex with an area of 30,000 sqm within a period of two years of establishing a spatial development plan, allowing for an investment of this type. 


    FHU Stopiak is going to build shopping-service center with lease area of 18,500 sqm in Nowy Targ


    FHU Stopiak is conducting preparations for the construction of the "Stopiak Retail Park" shopping-service complex on Ludźmierska Street in Nowy Targ (Małopolskie Province). The investment is going to be carried out on the basis of the existing shopping center with a GLA of 18,500 sqm. Works are scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2021. Nuvalu Polska is dealing with commercialization. Let us recall that in October of this year, we informed about preparations being carried out by PHU Stopiak for obtaining permission for locating a retail-service outlet with a cubature of approx. 20,000 meters3 on Ludźmierska Street.


    Remax and Defore are going to carry out works on construction of KTW II office building


    Remax Construct (construction of aboveground section) and Defor (facade) have been chosen by TDJ Estate as contractors of works on the construction of the KTW II office building at 1 Roździeńskiego Avenue in Katowice. Let us recall that the enterprise is going to consist of the construction of an outlet with an area of 42,000 sqm. Gleeds Polska is dealing with the comprehensive coordination and supervision of Gleeds Polska. The first stage of the enterprise, pertaining to a building with an area of approx. 19,800 sqm with a garage section, was carried out by Strabag and supervised by Tebodin Poland from the Bilfinger group. Medusa Group prepared the project of the complex. 

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